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UHF On-Camera Bodypack System

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  • The 310 Series is a high quality diversity UHF camera-mount wireless system that features 188 User-Selectable frequencies displayed on an LCD screen to assure you of always finding a "free" channel.
    The series consists of the 310UDR On-Camera receiver, the 35BT Belt-Pack transmitter with EX-503L MIC, the 35HT Handheld microphone/transmitter and the 35XT Plug-In transmitter.

     The 310LT comes with a 35BT/EX-503L body-pack along with the 310UDR receiver.
    Receiver Specifications:
    Freq. Range: UHF 188 Selectable Freq. (566.125-589.875MHz)
    Type of Reception: FM
    Oscillator: PLL Synthesized
    RF Squelch Level: -95dBm
    Frequency Response: 50Hz – 15kHz
    S/N Ratio: >84dB (100% Deviation)
    Audio Out: MIC Level – Balanced – 3.5mm Mini-Jack
                -28 dBm (100% Deviation - Mic Level)
    Batteries: 2 “AA” Alkaline (2 x 1.5V) – 5-6 hours runtime
                  2 “AA” rechargeable Ni-MH (2 x 1.2V)
    Dimen.: 2.52"W x 3.93"H x 1.16"D (64 x 100 x 27 mm)
    Weight: Approx. 6.7oz (190g) w/batteries
    Body-pack Transmitter Specifications :
    Freq. Range: UHF 188 Select. Freq. (566.125-589.875MHz)
    Oscillator: PLL Synthesized
    RF Power: 25mW
    Frequency Response: 50Hz – 15kHz
    Max. Deviation: ±40kHz @ 1kHz Modulation
                 MIC Input – 11dBm
    Batteries: 2 “AA” Alkaline (2 x 1.5V) – 6-8 hours runtime
                 2 “AA” rechargeable Ni-MH(2 x 1.2V)

    Dimen.: 2.52"W x 3.93"H x 1.16"D (64 x 100 x 27 mm
    Weight Approx. 6oz (170g) w/batteries

    Note: This model is also available in a "CE" approved version with 240 channels between 794-805.95MHz. If you need this version, be sure to note it in the "User Notes" area when you order. The price remains the same.

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