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HyperX3 HD/SD System, Single Channel, 525/NTSC.

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  • The Best Just Keeps on Getting Better!
    HyperX3 is Chyron’s new top-of-the-line on-air graphics system. The turnkey system combines the award-winning Lyric® PRO 8 motion graphics feature set with our most sophisticated and powerful platform ever. The features and performance of HyperX series systems keep getting better and better. With more than three times the performance of the HyperX2, HyperX3 makes a very impressive statement for both quality and performance.

    HyperX systems have long been able to play movie objects in real time, now, HyperX3 can play HD full screen movie objects with alpha without missing a beat. Not only that, HyperX3 can manipulate many time the number of objects of its predecessor; coupled with new blending techniques, HyperX3 is the premier system on the market today.

    Lyric PRO 8 just got even better as well, making even more use of the impressive performance gains of the HyperX3 platform. The Lyric PRO software platform continues to provide precise control over every transition and effect with a broad array of adjustments already familiar to users of 3D creation tools and NLE’s.

    Brilliant, HD/SD Graphics and High-Performance Playout
    HyperX³ is scalable to two independent channels, optional DVE’s, Clips and the latest Lyric PRO 8 advanced creation and playout package. An open platform ensures interoperability, so that HyperX3 can take maximum advantage of the latest innovations in programming techniques. Lyric PRO 8 features a completely new 3D text rendering engine. Now with full international language support, the quality of 3D text has never been better. Script text looks stunning and highlights the attention to detail Chyron has placed on rendering quality. And performance is excellent! 3D text has a way of slowing even the best real time systems, but the new Lyric 8 text renderer has been designed with performance in mind; coupled with the performance of HyperX3 and you will find nothing better in the market. But there is more! With a new primitive engine, HyperX3 provides stunning graphic building capabilities. It is easy to create with your favorite 3D creation package, it is now just as easy to do the work directly in Lyric – in fact combine the two. There is plenty of power to handle even the most complex 3D objects. As always the HyperX3 features seamless creation-to-playout capability, real-time 2D/3D animation and a host of hardware and software features, including 2D and 3D object import, Advanced Text and Image Effects, Intelligent Interface® and DB Link update, and macro creation/execution.

    Unrivaled Flexibility and Stunning Presentation with Lyric® PRO 8
    Driven by Chyron’s breakthrough interFuse™ Technology, Lyric PRO 8 on the HyperX3 transforms broadcast workflow and playout with unrivaled playout flexibility and stunning graphics. Lyric PRO 8 features continuous graphics rendering, which allows persistent objects to remain on-screen throughout multiple message reads. Independent animation elements can be smoothly taken on and off air at any time. Live broadcast requires the ability to follow the action, and Lyric PRO 8’s multiple timelines within a message provide a variety of customized “in,” “out” and “update” effects which can be triggered in any order. Interactive Messages can also trigger events such as live update, within themselves or other messages. Lyric PRO 8’s dynamic playout environment works in tandem with powerful graphics creation features, including live particle effects and complex, hierarchical animations-within-animations, for a truly spectacular look.


    • Native stereoscopic 3D graphics
    • Touch GraphX
    • Conditional Transition Manager / Inherit State
    • Simultaneous HD 3D animations on two channels
    • Adobe® XMP® metadata validation for image and text updates
    • Adaptive Primitives and FBX® Importer for unmatched 3D cababilites simultaneous rolls, crawls, clocks, timers and more continuously updated from external data sources

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