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Marca DNF Controls - Slow Motion Controller with T bar

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  • A high-quality, low-cost Slow Motion Controller designed for demanding sports production.
    "T"-bar (Optional) or tactile Wheel for Fast & Easy slomo speed control.
    Controls up to 4 VTRs individually or ganged.
    Quickly & Easily store and recall up to 100 unique Cue Points per VTR. All Cue Points are retained when power is turned off.

    Small, space-saving desktop unit that is simple and easy to use.
    Available in SSM, SRP, DSR1K (for the Sony DSR-DR1000 DDR) and EVS (for the EVS maSX).
    The SRP version is intended for DDR's that support simultaneous record/playback capability and Odetics control protocol.

    Powerful setup menu lets you configure the ST300 Slow Motion Controller for the way you work. Select Wheel slomo speed range, automatic Mark Cue advance, save last used slomo speed, enable/disable Freeze at Record Out and more.
    "T"-bar (optional) or tactile Wheel provide fast & easy slow motion control.
    Wheel speed range: -100% to +200% of Play Speed.
    T-Bar speed range: 0% to 200%.
    Small footprint, 12" x 6", fits almost anywhere - even in your lap.
    Quickly & Easily store and recall up to 100 Cue Points per VTR.
    Enter 2-digit Cue Point Number to instantly access any Cue Point.
    Use NEXT CUE and LAST CUE keys to step through the Cue Points.
    Press MARK key to quickly mark time into Cue Point OR Manually enter Cue Point times.
    Fast & easy to search to: Cue Point, manually entered time or FREEZE (Record Out) point.
    Manually enter/edit Cue Points.
    Set PREROLL duration from 00:00:00:01 to 01:00:00:00.
    Freeze on last good video (Record Out point).
    Quickly & Easily Search to Record Out Point (SHIFT + GOTO).
    Customize features and functions for your specific application.

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    ST300 brochure ST300 Manual

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