• TriCaster 410 Multi-Standard Without Control Surface
4 M/E, 15-channel video switching with SDI I/O, audio mixer, titles, buffers, warping transitions, DSK and DVE effects Rich creative production with mix-effect submixes, automated functions, network sources, extensive video effects, and even 3D virtual sets that look like on-location Completely customizable visuals to elevate brand and company identity Extensive automation and breakout control of commands and complex sequences Custom, interactive elements and effects sequences triggered by talent Built-in live streaming, social media publishing, and recording—with the push of a button Replace complex components that require cabling, extensive setup and configuration Location- and flight-case friendly

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TriCaster 410 Multi-Standard Without Control Surface

  • Marca: Newtek
  • Referencia: TC410MSALA
  • Disponibilidad: A Pedido
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